Biyernes, Mayo 11, 2012


Yes guys, today I want to tell you that the most important this year in Eurovision is not to say that we will not win. Or even that we are tired of Chiki Chiki but we prefer to take another cursilada meaningless as every year . What matters is that the show where the song will be chosen this year is presented by Rafaella Carra .

I guess in TVE have prepared a good team of rescuers and several surgeons before the unexpected. And is that the last time we saw this lady was more than 12 years, and I was the poor who could not with his soul. I join to what other critics: if in our country we have real good professionals who can play the role perfectly, what about giving public money to a rundown fart for too long?

I still remember my trip with the school. We went to Italy. In one of the hotels we made ​​friends with a group of Italians . Then there was the typical conversation tontísima cultural exchange plan "to see who knows more about the other country." It was like ...

we : Pizza! Pasta!

They : Yes! Very good! We sangria and paella like us!

Us : How cool! For we Leonardo Da Vinci! Ice cream! O Sole Mio!

They : Molto bello! Sevillanas, bulls, ole!

Us : Oh yeah? For Rafaella Carra!

They : noooooooooo! MAMMA MIA! AARGHHH! Vergogna! Peccato!!Anyway, we were to vary with import products . Although they also have his own holding to another old woman operated: Miguel Bose . But that's another story .

By the way, Do you guys think would win the Chiki Chiki?

Hugs and kisses!

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