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Celebrity Make Up Tips

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What you are looking at here is a beautiful fresh face by one of America’s favorite sweethearts, Reese Witherspoon. You can catch her on the cover of Elle this month and find out some of her beauty secrets, but let’s focus on her cute little mug for a minute. I just love how this girl pulls off the fresh look with very little makeup and a clean, overall finish that is both luminous and just so refreshing. Beautiful! How can you do it? As always, the secret is in the product.

You may have heard a little bit about mineral makeup as of late. This is the secret. Mineral makeup is going to give you a beautiful translucent finish to your face without caking on the product. One of my faves is Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil from Sephora. This will virtually melt into your skin and infuse it with both an aura of softness and light. This product is completely sheer and will work on any skin tone to absorb any excess oil and reduce fine lines and pores. The beauty of this is that you can use this product either on its own, or over foundation, and you really don’t need all that much for a fabulous fresh finish. Dust some on after you moisturize or over your blush and you will be surprised by two things. First, what makeup you DO wear underneath this will last so much longer. And SECOND, if you choose to go sans makeup with the exception of your finishing powder, then you will be amazed at how finished you really look. Au naturale is always au so pretty.

This product comes in a few shades, and the first you see here is the Feather Light and it is completely sheer with a bit of light reflective pigments in it to give your face that extra sparkle. You can also try the Mineral Veil shade for a sheer look, or (far right) the Tinted Mineral Veil that adds some additional warm tones for a warm, matte finish. Either way, you will not be I was with these horrific shoes I once purchased.

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